Meni Zapri

Human Hacking: Neuro and Nano Warfare

In this thought-provoking video, we delve into groundbreaking technologies that have reshaped the landscape of warfare and the future of human-machine interfaces. Discover the hidden world of neuro and nano warfare, where cutting-edge advancements are revolutionizing the way we perceive and interact with the world around us.
This video begins with: Dr. Charles Morgan speaks to cadets and faculty at West Point about a range of topics, including psychology, neurobiology, and the science of humans at war. Dr. Morgan’s neurobiological and forensic research has established him as an international expert in post-traumatic stress disorder, eyewitness memory, and human performance under conditions of high stress. The event was organized and hosted by the Modern War Institute at West Point.

Follows up with: Dr. James Giordano, Chief of the Neuro-ethics Studies Program and Scholar-in-Residence in the Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics at Georgetown University, speaks to cadets and faculty about how advancements in neuroscience and neurotechnology will impact the future of war. This event was hosted by the Modern War Institute at West Point.

Includes clips from: Dr Carrie Madej, Dr Hoffe, Dr James Giordano, (Evil) Bill Gates, Stew Peters, Died Suddenly, Pete Santilli, Molly Moo, and more

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